About Magan

When I was in my early teens I loved to spend my weekends with my Papa.  One weekend when I was with him we drove by a used book store and I begged him to stop and let me browse the books. When I went into the book store I instantly fell in love. I browsed the books forever and the book that finally  caught my attention was a Danielle Steele book.  After we left the store I could not wait to get home and start reading my new book. Once I started reading I just could not stop and I even brought my book to school and read at lunch. Once I finished I was sad and could not wait for the next weekend so I could beg my Papa to take me to the store again. With this next visit I learned that I needed to get more than one book to last me through the week. This visit to the used book store lasted for years until I went off to college and started buying books off of online.

When I would finish a book I could not wait to talk about it with my friends and my excitement about the book always convinced them to want to read them too.  I still am friends with all my friends from when I was a teen and even today all these years later we continue to talk about books and swap them.  My sassy sister Bryanna is eight years younger then me and a few years ago her and I started this book swapping and talking cycle. My friends and I already did this, but with Bryanna it was different we liked the same books and we both equally read as fast. When I get done with a book she is the first person who I call and her and I will talk forever about a book likes it’s changed our lives.

I love to read and on average will read about a book a day. I read so much and love to talk about it all the time that my husband suggested I should start a blog. He thought it would help me be able to express something I loved, which I instantly thought was a great idea. The only problem I had was I could never imagine doing it alone without my sister and had to call her and ask her to take this journey with me. She instantly agreed and I can not wait for us to share our love of books with you.

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