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Hello, my fellow readers, bloggers, and writers, welcome to Sassy Sisters Reading, as you may already know I am the other sassy half to the sister pair. In case you don’t already know, my name is Bryanna Fletcher, and I am the cute one, Magan is just my sister (just a little inside joke of ours).


I have been reading and writing for as long as I can remember; my safe haven from the realities of life.  When I was younger and especially in high school I had a difficult time, and reading and writing were a way for me to cope. When I was in high school, I was severely bullied and harassed and as a result I didn’t have many friends. It was extremely lonely, and as cheesy as it sounds books made me feel a little less alone, they gave me a way to escape. I would start a book, and my mind would shut off; I would forget about everything that was going on around me, and suddenly it would be hours later, the book would be done, and for that short while I forgot about the mean comments and the loneliness. When I opened a book, I was completely entranced in another world. I became the characters, I got to be somebody else for a little while, I got to go somewhere else for a little while, I got to be loved by someone for a little while, and I cherished that feeling. I love that books let you experience multiple lives in one lifetime.


Books have had this healing affect on me my entire life, and so even though my life is in a better place now, I still can’t stop reading. I always have a book with me; even if I have two minutes I will stop and read a couple pages because books will always be my escape, my healthy addiction. Now when I was in high school, I wasn’t reading romance novels, I mostly read teen romance; I guess I didn’t stray that far, now I just have added a little heat to my books. I guess you could say I have always been in love with love. My first romance novel was Fifty Shades of Grey, albeit slightly cliché, I had to know what all the hype was about so I wandered past the young adult section and snatched it up, and I have been buying “big girl books” ever since. Now, I know you might be thinking I am some young girl reading romance novels, when I should still be in the young adult section. Well I am twenty-three, and it was more like I was an adult continuing to read young adult books. Not that there was anything wrong with that; I quite enjoyed the books I was reading, I just never had the inclination to read romance novels, mostly because I thought they were tacky stories with Fabio on the cover. But then after I ready Fifty Shades of Grey, my sister introduced me to authors like Jamie McGuire, JoJo Moyes, and Colleen Hoover and I have been hooked on the genre ever since. I guess I had to grow up some time, now I just wish I hadn’t been afraid to wait so long.


Along with my love for reading, I also love to write. I am currently attempting to write my first romance novel. Now I don’t know if it will ever become anything or if anyone will ever read it, who knows if I am even a decent writer, but honestly that’s not the point of writing. Writing is meant to be a cathartic release, an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with the world, and truthfully I end up learning a lot about myself. So when my sister came to me with the idea to start this blog, I was definitely on board. My sister and I already gush about all these books with one another, so we might as well share our thoughts with all of you; plus it gives me another excuse to read (not that I need one), and another opportunity to write. Most of all I love that this is something that I am doing with my sister. With Magan being eight years older than me, we did not get along when we were younger, but now she is my best friend. I love that we share this connection of books, instead of sharing clothes and shoes, we share books. We call and gossip about our favorite male characters that we are in love with, like they actually exist. We have a truly special bond, and I definitely think our common taste in books brought us closer together.


Well this is just a little rant about me. I hope you enjoy Sassy Sisters Reading and find our reviews helpful with picking out your next book. Leave a comment with books you think we should read or leave us your thoughts; we would love to hear from you!

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