One Final Breath by L.K. Collins Review

41FTS4OdZRLWe are tremendous supporters of LK Collins. Their books take us on the most incredible journeys, but their newest book One Final Breath, changed our life. They perfectly address how tragedy and loss can completely alter your life. One minute you can be happy and filled with an abundance of love and then in a blink of an eye it can all be torn away and shattered. It takes a lifetime to find what your heart has been craving, but only a second for it to disappear. Faye a beautiful artist and wonderful mother, tragically lost her husband. Her world was turned upside down, and she had to learn how to survive without her husband, Ben. Then by chance, Thane, the dreamy and kind father, enters her life and not only helps heal old wounds but shows her that life can go on. Despite having suffered unimaginable loss, she can still  be  happy and have a thrilling life. Not only are Thane and Faye wonderful for eachother, but they are incredible parents to their boys who are best friends. Although, Faye is terrified to let her heart feel, after losing her husband; she slowly learns that the love and companionship she finds in Thane is exactly what Ben would want for her. This book was the perfect progression from the pit of sadness and the horrors of loss to finding unrelenting love and happiness. Deep in our hearts we would feel every struggle and each minute of confusion, and when Faye and Thane finally take a chance on each other, we burst with joy. We absolutely loved this book. Everything about it was real and honest. We laughed, we cried, and  and we loved immensely. LK Collins you deserve a standing ovation, because One Final Breath was remarkable, and definitely took our breath away.

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