Venom & Ecstasy by Shanora Williams Review

51m7jMhl5tLThe book Venom & Ecstasy by Shanora Williams  takes off exactly where the last one ends. Where Draco is trying to revenge the men who hurt Gia. We definitely see  a different side to Draco in this book then  we did in the first one.  Draco is more sensitive  towards Gia and his mother then he was in the first book and takes into consideration their feelings in his business dealings.  Even though he is on the softer side he is still a very tough alpha male who continues to play the same cat and mouse  game with Gia as he did in the first book. As Draco and Gia’s  history unravels even more the two of them are drawn closer and closer together. I will give you a heads up and tell you this book does end on a cliffhanger and I was not expecting that as I was thinking this was only a duet. I enjoyed this book and can’t to see what Shanora Williams will have for us in the third installment

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