This is Me, Baby by K Webster Review

51hArN+5j3LThe queen of darkness, K. Webster, has returned with  This Is Me, Baby. This is  the fifth book in the War & Peace series, and as we know from the last installment, this book is  the ending of Gabriella’s story.  In this book Brie is not the young and innocent girl  she started out as in This isn’t You, Baby but has been completely changed by the death of her husband and the things Esteban forced her to do;  as well as being pregnan.    From the very beginning of this book, you are dealing with a whole new Brie and  Ren.  Ren in this book has lost his boyish charm and  sweetness and has  become a hardened dominating man. He definitely is not the same teenager who was mowing Brie’s lawn no pun intended. He still cares deeply for Brie but knows she just lost her husband and you would think this would stop the two of them from being together, but it doesn’t. This part out of all the K Webster books I have read was the part I least liked out of all her books because Ren becomes almost this doormat for Brie at the beginning. I know Brie has been through alot and  it’s just hard to see her use Ren when he loves her so deeply.

I don’t necessarily know if you were team Ren or Team  Duvan but I love Ren and Brie together and I am glad they work through all the turmoil together and there is a lot.  All the characters from the other books make an appearance in this book which was nice especially seeing War and Baylee’s relationship grow and being there for their children. To an extent it was nice seeing Gabe and Hannah but not really as they will always be the black sheeps of the series. This Is Me, Baby did end on a high note but like every book in this series it also left us wanting more and we can not wait for the sixth installment This Isn’t Fair, Baby. Don’t want to give anything away but I already have my hopes and suspicions for what will happen next and as usual with K Webster  I will just sit here waiting, twitching, waiting, twitching….waiting….

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